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Drain Cleaning Services

Say goodbye to clogs and backups and hello to free-flowing pipes!

A clogged drain, although very common, is an inconvenience that no homeowner wants to deal with. Your drains should be maintained and cleaned routinely in order to prevent bigger problems down the road. If you neglect this aspect of your plumbing system, it can lead to much bigger problems like flooding and structural damage. 


Drain Cleaning is when we use our hydro-jetting equipment to literally clean out the inside of your pipes and make them like new again. Hydro-jetting is necessary when the same drain line keeps giving you problems over and over again. The most common "repeat offender" is the kitchen drain line.


The kitchen is the heart of your home. And it tends to get the most abuse as well. Between people putting too many things down the disposal, to grease getting into the line from the residue left on dishes, pots and pans, kitchen drains tend to get completely plugged with grease. There is no way to effectively open this drain completely except to power wash the inside of the line with our hydro-jetting equipment.  

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Drain Clearing

You have probably heard this service described differently in the past. We often hear people say that they need rooter service, while others say that their drain line needs to be snaked, and others say they need their drain cabled. 

No matter which way you say it, we know what you mean, and we have the equipment and know-how to get your drains flowing properly again!  

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning is different than drain clearing. With drain cleaning, we go into your drain lines, chop out the blockage and power wash the inside of your line to make sure it is completely open. The equipment used for this service is called a Hydro-Jetter. 

In order to ensure that your drain is completely cleaned, this service should be paired up with a camera inspection. It is highly recommended to set up routine maintenance for this service to prevent future backups for occurring.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer Cameras allow us to not only see the condition of the inside of your drain pipes, but also enables us pinpoint exactly where the issue is located.
Before this technology was available, plumbers would need to start demo at the closest location they knew (like a sink) and follow the line until they found the problem area. It was overly destructive and more costly for the customer to get the problems fixed.
Camera Inspections are also great for people who are purchasing an older home and want to know what condition the old drain lines are in before making one of the largest purchases of their lives.  

Garbage Disposals

The kitchen is the heart of your home. And it tends to get the most abuse as well. Food particles and grease tend to get into the line from the residue left on dishes, pots and pans.

Your garbage disposal is one of the most useful appliances in your home. However, when it stops working or springs a leak, it can ruin your routine and entire day.

Common signs your disposal is struggling include:

Foul smells
Backing up
Only humming when on
Won't drain

At Anchor Plumbing, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your plumbing system back up and working properly.
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Sewage Ejector/Sump Pumps

Sewage ejector and sump pumps are vital devices for anyone who has plumbing below the city's main sewer line. Although basements are not all that common in Mesa, AZ and surrounding cities, they do exist. They push grey water and waste water up into your sewage line.

If the pump fails, then it could result in significant property damage, and of course, terrible odors! When you're in need of sewage ejector or sump pump repair or replacement, call the experts at Anchor Plumbing.

Our experienced team can repair and install your pump to keep your home's plumbing system working like a charm.
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